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Welcome to Medina Foundation

Let us introduce ourselves

MEDINA FOUNDATION for Research and Development is a private company that provides services in the fields of architecture, urbanism, construction and design. It also contributes in the advancement of knowledge in these fields through research, studies and scientific activities it undertakes.

The main activity of the company is complete realization of various building projects. From the very first contact with the client the company offers consulting in the area of interior design, architecture and urban planning. It also provides advices in quotation, quantity surveying and selection of building materials.

Our activities cover the following segments:

Professional Consultancy
Architecture school
Real Estate Development
Realization of building projects at all stages.
Crafts and Islamic Patterns
Hiring construction equipments and machinery
Design Consultancy
Civil structures; concrete and steel.
Decoration and landscape
Publicity and Advertising for sale of properties
Restoration, repair and maintenance of Old buildings

Medina Training Center


Ecole Medina, The home of professional training courses

Ecole Medina is a place of knowledge and quality training in different disciplines such as architecture, interior design and information technology.

Medina Architecture Projects


Medina Initiatives


Yesil Vadi Mosque – Istanbul

MedinaNet.org, The Home of Islamic Architecture & Islamic Cities

Since the turn of the last century, the themes of “Islamic/Muslim architecture and city” have been a subject of growing interest of scholars and professionals alike. However, they are increasingly becoming a matter of controversy among the proponents and deniers. On the one hand, there is no evidence that the doctrine of Islam comprises, dictates or recommends a certain type of architecture or a model of city. On the other hand, one cannot deny the effects of the Islamic doctrine, direct or indirect, on the formation of arts and architecture, and on the foundation of cities.

Another aspect of this debate relates to the time-space factor. While some scholars consider “Islamic/Muslim architecture and city” as past and thus, a matter of history, others believe that the omnipresence of Islam in the current scenes of our life, concurrently with the role of cultures, must cast its shades on the various disciplines of the built environment.

The paradigm of the website therefore revolves around the following questions: Is there any Impact of Islam, as a religion, a way of life and a civilization on the built environment? If so, to what extent does it prescribe, shape or influence the appearance and functioning of the built environment.

Medinanet.org is a platform that aims to initiate, enrich and nurture debates around this paradigm through the analysis of the impact of Islam on the sciences of the city such as arts, architecture, urbanism, landscape and engineering.

Medina BOOKS

Majallat Al-Madina

Majallat al-Madina is an Algerian national magazine that is published every three months and concerned primarily with urbanism and architecture, but also with other allied professions and knowledge such as art, construction, planning, urban economy, history and geography. The magazine is mainly devoted for the dissemination of architectural and urban culture in the Algerian community. It intends to bridge the gaps between professionals and the community in one part, between theory and practice in another, and   between the past and the present in a third part. It provides a meeting space for professionals and academicians from the various fields and domains to exchange ideas and know-how.

On tackling various issues in the domain of built environment, the magazine proposes a starting point with the realization of the slogan “a book for each city,” which aims at making known the Algerian cities, especially those with historic canters and that are exposed to multiple contemporary challenges.

From there, the magazine calls upon the professionals based throughout Algeria who can write and wish to contribute with their ideas and practices.

About Us


A few words about us

  • Mission

    To provide the best possible and integrated solutions to the problems of the physical environment within the up-to-date universal spatial intelligence, available resources of the customers, and the socio-cultural conditions of the location in which it acts.

  • Vision

    Think Globally and Act Locally. Achieve the best quality with the minimum use of natural and financial resources. Respect the moral and cultural values and enhance cultural sustainability.

  • Foundation Profile

    Medina Foundation for Research and Development MF-R&D is a private profit company that provides services in the fields of architecture, urbanism, construction and design. It also contributes in the advancement of knowledge in the fields through research, studies and scientific activities it undertakes.

    It was established on 20-12-2011 and is accredited by the ministry of Commerce, Algeria, as a SARL (Société a Responsibilité  Limitée). It’s initial capital is 20.000,00 DA conformably with the minimum funding fixed by the Algerian regulations.

    Its main office is located in No 27, Rue C, deriving from Rue Kriteli Mokhtar, Cité Mokhbat, at the back of Wilaya de Blida Headquarter, Blida, (9000), Algeria.

    Its activities embrace architecture, civil Engineering, Public Works, Urban Planning, Interior Design, and Landscape. It encompasses theory and practice, teaching and expertise, academia and information.

  • Philosophy

    Medina Foundation is a private company that is based on the concept of Umran in its broad sense of vicegerency i.e.   the human mission on Earth. It aspires to achieve the wellbeing of man through the wise use of natural resources, the conservation of the environment and the promotion of the community life without wasting or spoiling. It thus works to achieve sustainable development in all its dimensions.
    Medina Foundation regards heritage, both tangible and intangible, as a raw and a valuable material for intellectual inspiration, a way to authenticity, and a means for the resourcing of the accumulated human experience. At the same time, it considers the filtering of the modern theories, the current world-wide practices, and the technological development as another source of inspiration and a way to temporality and an interaction with our surroundings.
    Umran is a vast domain of knowledge that embraces many interrelated and complementary fields in relation to the environment. Its physical scope extends from the smallest spatial unit that accommodates the human being , to the wider geographical area that covers the human settlements.

Meet The Team

Dr. Mustafa Ben-Hamouche

Dr. Mustafa Ben-Hamouche

General Manager

Dr Mustapha Ben-Hamouche is architect. He obtained an Master of Philosophy in Housing from New Castle University in 1986, and a Doctorate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Institut Français d’Urbanisme, Paris VIII University in 1994. He joined the University of Blida and worked as a senior lecturer during the period 1986-1994 where he established a Post-Graduate programme on Housing. He then left Algeria to United Arab Emirates where he worked as an Expert Planner and Head of Research and Studies Section in the Town Planning Department of Al-Ain City, for 4 years. He was involved in many government projects in the region of Al-Ain such as the master Plan 2000-2030 for Al-Ain and Its region, Headquarter of the Local Governor of Al-Ain, and the Regional Hospital of Al-Ain. He then went back to academia and joined Bahrain University since 1999. In 2006 he was promoted to the rank of associate professor and taught many courses in relation to Islamic Architecture, History, Urbanism and GIS. He published several books and papers in refereed journals in English, Arabic and French. He is at the present heading the Medina Foundation for Studies and Development and the website medinanet.org.

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